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KUN Sports is privately owned by KUN Investment Holding, one of the leading Saudi investment houses with foothold and presence not only in the Kingdom, but across many countries. KUN Sports has been established as a holding sporting entity, with a vision of creating awareness and increased engagement towards sports and wellness related investments with a mission to build one of the largest sports and fitness portfolios in Saudi Arabia.

KUN Sports  entered the Saudi gym market through the launch of IN2 Fitness, a high value, low cost (HVLC)  gym offering. Following the globally successful HVLC template and  adapting to the unique needs of the local fitness market, IN2 Fitness will lead  the revolution of the KSA gym sector by providing a high quality and  affordable experience that is accessible to everyone.



To support and lead the future of sports, fitness and wellness.



  • Teamwork

  • Respect 

  • Integrity 

  • Passion 

  • Pursuit of Excellence


Address: KUN Sports Company 

Ibrahim Centre, King Abdulaziz Road, 3432 Ash Shati District, Jeddah 23613

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


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