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Alain Edene

Chief Sports Officer

Alain Edene is a former personal trainer, nutrition specialist, biosignature practitioner, and strength and conditioning coach; he’s also a speaker, philanthropist, father, and husband.


Alain started working in gyms back in 2005 after a short football career that was cut short by several injuries. In 2016 after accumulating over 20000 hours of practical experience, he builds his own gym Edene Fitness, which was later acquired in 2018 by Kun Sports International and rebranded as Core Fitness Club, which Alain was appointed as Chief Sport Officer. 


Alain is Always hungry for more, and being a big believer of the Kaizen principle (constant and never-ending improvement). He continues to travel the world and consult with some of the most knowledgeable experts and businessmen to sharpen his vision.


“ The minute you stop learning you stop growing and once you stop growing you start dying”


KUN Sports is a privately owned Saudi Sports and Fitness Company with an International reach, which operates and invests in selective brands and concepts.




Address: Quartz building - Al Kurnaysh Rd, Ash Shati, Second floor, office no. 204


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