The KUN Management Team is comprised of passionate leaders committed to exploring the pathways to excellence in all aspects of Sports, Fitness and Wellness. The team strongly believes that a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach is the most efficient way to achieve long-lasting and sustainable goals related to health, fitness and wellbeing.


Mohammed Badr Alireza

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Badr H. Alireza, CEO of Kun Sports International, has been heavily involved in sports since a very young age when ....

Rajaa Kamel

Chief Executive Officer - KUN Egypt

Rajaa Kamel, Chief Executive Officer at Kun Egypt, has more than 10 years of experience in building organizations, management, and leadership.


Alain Edene

Chief Sports Officer

Alain Edene is a former personal trainer, nutrition specialist, biosignature practitioner, and strength and conditioning coach; he’s also a speaker, philanthropist, father, and husband.

Tala Kummosani

Chief of Marketing & Communications

Tala is responsible for the marketing and communication efforts of the company. In addition, she directs media relations, branding, events and advertising.


Daran Woodward

Chief Operating Officer - B-IT Fitness

Having graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, Daran Woodward started out working in Corporate Fitness with companies such as British Gas and Panasonic.

Mohammed Dakhil

General Manager - CORE Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Dakhil is hospitality and fitness professional with a passion for leadership, wellbeing, and lifestyle transformation.

KUN Sports is a privately owned Saudi Sports and Fitness Company with an International reach, which operates and invests in selective brands and concepts.




Address: Quartz building - Al Kurnaysh Rd, Ash Shati, Second floor, office no. 204

Email: info@kunsports.com